About Dee McCaffrey, CDC

Dee’s first career was in analytical organic chemistry. During her 17-year career as an environmental chemist, she moved up the industry ladder from bench chemist to laboratory supervisor to ultimately managing the entire quality assurance program for one of the nation’s leading environmental testing laboratories.

During the years in which she practiced chemistry, Dee became intimately familiar with the chemical names and toxic properties of the majority of common environmental pollutants, particularly those used in and on America’s food supply.  She made the connection that pesticides, preservatives, flavorings, colorings, and refined carbohydrates affect body chemistry in such a way that balanced health is difficult to sustain.  It was this understanding that led to a dramatic transformation in her life, she overcame a lifelong battle with obesity by eliminating processed foods from her diet.  The result was a 100-pound weight loss, which she has sustained for 20 years.

In 2000, Dee decided to become formally trained in nutrition education and diet counseling at Bauman College (formerly The Institute for Educational Therapy), which included whole foods cooking classes and extensive study of nutritional therapies for achieving optimal health, including reversing chronic and terminal diseases. Her first book Dee’s Mighty Cookbook: Tasty Cuisine for Flourless and Sugarless Living has sold over 7000 copies throughout U.S., Canada and overseas.  Her second book Plan-D The Amazing Anti-Diet has helped thousands of people change their approach to food, eating and balanced health.

Dee’s newly released sensation The Science of Skinny reveals how as the food industry continues to replace natural foods with synthetic ones, our bodies are subject to unnatural chemical reactions that often result in major health issues.

She is also the president of her own food company (Dee’s Naturals) which provides popular products that are free of refined flour, refined sugar, and any artificial ingredients.  For more on these tasty wonderful products, feel free to browse around this website.

Dee and her husband Michael McCaffrey are the founders of Processed-Free America (www.processedfreeamerica.org), an organization dedicated to providing healthful education in nutrition, cooking, and implementing lifestyle changes for weight loss and optimal health.  To see Dee’s top 20 food additives which should be banned from our food supply, and to sign her petition to make that case to the FDA, go to www.processedfreeamerica.org.

Dee received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science from San Jose State University and is a member of the American Association of Nutrition Consultants. She appears regularly on network and cable television, has been featured several times in local and national print, and has been interviewed on radio throughout the United States and Canada.

Media contact: Michael at 602-510-3404